What is the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act?

Today, both government agencies and private sector organizations are working to build more resilient security solutions and strategies to limit the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

What is a Cyber Security Consultant?

Over the past five to ten years, the cybersecurity landscape of modern business has dramatically changed. With cyber threats becoming more and more sophisticated each day, business leaders are focused on protecting their organizations from becoming one of the businesses that will be targeted by cybercriminals.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Compliance: A Brief Guide

Ensuring your organization is fully compliant with NIST requirements is critical for your business success in federal contracts. NIST stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a non-regulatory government agency that develops technology, metrics, and standards. NIST produces cybersecurity standards and guidelines to help federal agencies meet federal information security requirements.

How to Build a Small Business Cybersecurity Program

How to Build a Small Business Cybersecurity Program     Cybercriminals prey on companies of all sizes and all verticals. According to a survey conducted by the Better Business Bureau, cyberattacks have affected 22% of small businesses. These cybercriminals use phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and other scams to gain access to sensitive data. Small business… Continue reading How to Build a Small Business Cybersecurity Program

Cyber Resilience in the Age of Disruption

2021 has been replete with large-scale ransomware attacks. First there was the attack on the Colonial Gas Pipeline, then another attack against the nation’s meat producers. Ransomware is quickly spiraling out of control and putting on full display how unprepared many critical sectors of the economy are for both basic and advanced cybersecurity threats. Unfortunately,… Continue reading Cyber Resilience in the Age of Disruption

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