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Cyber Security Consulting in Seattle, WA

Our small business cybersecurity consulting provides Seatle, WA companies with network security solutions, managed IT services, strategy consulting, and technology solutions that fit your budget.

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To secure important assets, organizations must manage their risk and implement a robust information security policy. Cybercriminals can shut down your business in a matter of minutes by exploiting weaknesses in your network, causing long-term damage and hefty compliance costs.


​​Every 39 seconds there is a cybersecurity attack by hackers which averages 2,244 times per day.

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Small businesses are one of the most important elements of our nation’s economic and cyber infrastructure, with about 289,000 in the United States. The security of information, systems, and networks is not a top priority for most small firms. Even so, a security compromise can be costly to the company, its customers, or its suppliers.

Your Technology Services Partner In Seattle, WA

Cyberattacks are becoming more common. With cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated, small and midsized businesses need every edge they can get in the battle against information security. Your organization can be exposed to tremendous risk if successfully breached. A breach can result in an enormous loss of reputation for your organization, as well as costly compliance issues and millions of dollars in remediation costs depending on your industry.


Cybersecurity today is overpriced, overcomplicated, and opaque. At Iron Range Cyber we bring simplicity, clarity, and transparency to building cost-effective cybersecurity programs for small to mid-sized businesses.

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Bringing Simplicity to Small Business Cybersecurity

If you are looking for a fully managed cyber security solution look no further. We will take you from initial assessment to audit, and continue to help you manage your cybersecurity program and compliance on an ongoing basis.

We offer: 

Incident Response

Our 24/7/365 Incident Response offering enables companies to rapidly respond to ransomware & other cyber threats.


Endpoint Patching and Monitoring

Our dedicated security analysts monitor desktops, laptops, and servers 24/7 and provide timely alerts in the event of a suspected security incident.


Backup and Recovery

No security program is 100% perfect (even ours!) We include backup and recovery as a standard offering for every Ransomware Prevention Essentials Package that we sell.


Endpoint Detection and Response

Standardized anti-virus is basic. It’s also a critical element of a competent security program. We provide best-in-class antivirus as part of every package.


Ransomware Warranty

We 100% guarantee that your organization will be back up and running within 24 hours. We’re so confident in our services that we include a warranty in every package.


Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication should be standard on all your accounts and devices as an added means of protection against unauthorized access and compromise.


At Iron Range Cyber we bring simplicity, clarity, and transparency to building cost-effective cybersecurity programs for small to mid-sized businesses.


We also offer Risk management, penetration testing, cloud security, cyber defense, network security, data security, and more. 

Adaptive Cybersecurity that adjusts to your budget.

Many security vendors try to sell you overpriced tools that you don’t need. We work with your existing tech stack as much as possible to reduce waste and make compliance cost-efficient.


We focus on selling comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that result in real risk reduction and solve cybersecurity problems.


Transparent Pricing

We make sure that you know what you’re going to pay on fixed, easy to understand engagements. Our MSSP customers enjoy fixed, monthly, locked-in pricing.

Cybersecurity Support for Seattle, WA

We offer risk management, penetration testing, cloud security, cyber defense, network security, data security, incident response, and more. 


Leading companies utilize these low-cost, straightforward procedures to mitigate cyber security threats for manufacturing. These methods are based on NIST recommendations and have been customized to our clients needs for identifying, assessing, and managing cybersecurity threats.

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity Program Development

Cybersecurity Program Development

Incident Response

Incident Response

NIST Framework

NIST Framework

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

CMMC Compliance

CMMC Compliance

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Our team of experienced security engineers and CISOs takes the complexity out of cybersecurity. We work with companies across a range of industries to meet cybersecurity compliance requirements and improve companies’ cybersecurity programs.

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