Penetration Testing Services

Our team focuses on providing best in breed pen-testing services to companies of all sizes and verticals. We believe that every business needs and deserves world class cybersecurity. 

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Iron Range Cyber Pen Testing

Our services focus on providing easy to understand, compliant, and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions to our customers. We firmly believe that cybersecurity needs to be simple for businesses to understand, meet compliance requirements, and be accessible for organizations of all sizes.

Rules of Engagement

We begin every penetration testing with a kickoff and rules of engagement call. This allows us to hone in on your organization’s unique needs and ensure that we meet any compliance requirements you are hoping to achieve with a penetration test.

Comprehensive Testing

We will begin your whitebox, greybox, or blackbox pen test based on the rules of engagement defined in our contract. Our team has security credentials including CISSP, Security+ along with decades of experience providing pen-testing services to both small businesses and enterprises.

Documents & Lessons Learned

We will provide a full suite of documentation based on the results of your pen-test. This is tailored to meet any compliance requirements that may have prompted the pen-test. We will provide a full lessons learned review with your senior IT and Security leadership to point out areas you could improve your security and reduce organizational risk

Ongoing Support

If you require evidence of a penetration test or other documentation, even after the contract has ended, we provide ongoing support to all of our customers to ensure that you have what you need to succeed. Cybersecurity doesn’t end with a contract and neither do we.

Cost-Effective Cybersecurity Services

Too many cybersecurity services are inordinately expensive. Our highly experienced team focuses on bringing the cost down to enable small and mid-sized businesses to get the type of protection that was formerly reserved for enterprise clients.


Our team has experience building cybersecurity programs for both enterprise and small business. All professional services engagements are led by Pete Clay, the former Chief Information Security Officer for Deloitte’s Federal Practice.


Before we begin any engagement, we work with your team to identify the business objectives you want to focus on. In many cases that involves meeting one or more compliance requirement that affects your organization. All security services are aimed towards meeting compliance and reducing risk.


What is a penetration test?

Penetration testing involves senior security engineers attacking your network to find weak points and vulnerabilities that an attacker may exploit. By conducting an annual pen-test you can both meet compliance requirements and identify weak points in your security program.


How is penetration testing priced?

We try to ensure that our pricing allows businesses of all sizes to get the security they need. We provide custom quotes based on business size, number of computers, and the overall complexity of the environment. We guarantee that we have one of the most accessible pricing structures on the market.

Use What you Have

Many security vendors try to sell you overpriced tools that you don’t need. We work with your existing tech stack as much as possible to reduce waste and make compliance cost-efficient.

Solutions not Software

We focus on selling comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that result in real risk reduction and solve cybersecurity problems.

Transparent Pricing

We make sure that you know what you’re going to pay on fixed, easy to understand engagements. Our MSSP customers enjoy fixed, monthly, locked-in pricing.

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