Iron Range Cyber Named as One of the Leading Cybersecurity Companies on Manifest


At Iron Range Cyber, we empower our clients through their digitalization efforts by providing them with robust and secure cyber systems. Our mission is to help SMEs combat risks in their cyber security through comprehensive cyber protection solutions. Today, we’re excited to report that we’ve been named as one of the leading companies on The Manifest. According to the B2B platform, we’re one of the most reviewed cybersecurity companies in Baltimore!

To celebrate this achievement, let’s take a quick recap to see how we got to where we are today:

In 2020

Iron Range Cyber was founded to enable businesses with limited resources to keep safe their network systems, which are vital to their operations. Since the beginning, our mission has always been to equip our partners with the protection they deserve to guarantee their success in the modern business space. Today, we’re proud to be the trusted provider of cyber solutions to many businesses across multiple states.

In 2021

South Arkansas Community College hired our services to fortify their cybersecurity and try to make them impenetrable. We performed a set of services, including a penetration test, set up monitoring of core servers, audits on core servers, and made several suggestions to improve the client’s security profile.

We’re happy to report that the client was pleased with the outcome of our results.

“They have been attentive, and I receive automated updates throughout the day – usually with either a call or an email follow-up when they detect a connection to one of our servers from an abuse site.”

— Tim Kirk, Assoc. V.P. Admin & CIO, South Arkansas Community College

In 2022

The Manifest named the most reviewed companies in Baltimore, including Iron Range Cyber. We’re honored to be recognized for the value and impact we deliver to our partners.

For more information about our solutions, please get in touch with us right away!

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